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All of us at Effe Scoop, wherever we are, whatever we do, want our agency to be an exciting and rewarding place to be. Our job is to find the best new modeling talent in any of the many countries around the world we work in. We will train the new models in all aspects of their new profession, and when they are ready, and only when they are ready, we will launch them on their international career. Then we will follow them, as a promoter, guide and friend for the rest of their professional lives. We really want the best for our models, at all times, and for all time. 

We believe that having the best models, well-trained and professional in their attitude and behavior is the best way to serve our clients.
We are one indipendent agency, but in many countries, we want to make sure that our clients, models and agencies, will meet the same high standards wherever and whenever they touch Effe Scoop. We want them to count on the quality of our work, and the honesty of our dealings. 

Our business is hard work. We always do our best.

So, if you are interested to work with us, here we are!
We place our models, our primary clients, with agencies around the world; our selection criteria are based on retailing/booking abilities, performance, financial soundness, and sympathy. 

We try to be an open, involving and reliable partner - qualities which we'd like to be measured against. Our business is highly competitive and we are always researching new collaboration all around the world to expand relationships - downstream by placing more models with the more successful agencies, and upstream through cooperation with agencies without our specific skills and critical mass and with individual scouts. 

Effe Scoop an indipendent model's agency based in Italy, a team with several years experience full dedicated to the
models management.
We are focused on the models industry to provide models career to build opportunities for our talents through editorials,
commercial, runway and advertising.
We use a very selective scouting system, with an international partnership too, we care the image of our models,our agency has a lot of model scouter all around the Europe to find the right face for the right client!
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